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STOCKHOLM Staket & Bygg

STOCKHOLM Staket & Bygg is a professional company within crafts.
We manufacture wrought iron and elements for gates, fences, railings and furniture. We create pure works of art using iron properties. STOCKHOLM Staket & Bygg carries out idea solutions, project planning, manufactures and assembles own wrought iron products.
It is now widely accepted by crime prevention officers and the insurance industry that the only way to stop domestic burglaries is to physically protect the doors and windows. When it comes to protecting your home, you can rest assured that our domestic security shutters and security grilles will provide the ultimate home security solution – they were created as a practical response to the growing need for burglary protection.
Grids are for keeping unauthorized people away from your property. But the grille can also be an accessory that enhances the value of your home and still be a safety measure that gives you a quiet night and when you are not home.

STOCKHOLM Staket & Smide
STOCKHOLM Staket & Smide
STOCKHOLM Staket & Smide
STOCKHOLM Staket & Smide
STOCKHOLM Staket & Smide
STOCKHOLM Staket & Smide
Whatever one chooses, the gates must have sturdy posts as an attachment point, our gates can weigh up to 800kg per blade, so it is very important that there are solid posts that are molded in the right way and with the right amount of concrete to hold everything together. If you have no posts then we will of course help you dig and cast new ones. For the sliding gates, we need to cast a foundation where the entire gate weight is kept up. On the foundation a rail is bolted where a system with 16 wheels is attached, the system is illustrated if you click here.
We invite you to visit us and see our rich assortment and quality of our products.

Sincerely, yours STOCKHOLM Staket & Bygg STOCKHOLM Staket & Bygg

Catalog of the production program for Security grills

We invite you to visit us and see for yourselves our expertise, professionalism and long experience, rich assortment and quality of our products.

The catalog only shows a part of our rich production program of our own design and production.

The benefits of doing business with us:

  • With our expertise, professionalism and useful advice, you can enjoy the best views on your interior in the next few years;
  • The products are declared in accordance with applicable laws and standards;
  • Reliability in work and compliance with deadlines;
  • We forges all shapes and dimensions;
  • The quality of materials and products is part of our brand;
  • Competence in design, execution and reconstruction;
  • Laser art products of different sizes, shaper and colour;
  • Complete service information and services - everything is in one place;
  • The most optimal solution according to the needs of investors;
  • A quality manufacturing program at favorable prices;
  • High quality and modern design;
  • Professionals with long experience in the work area.

We have tried to describe and explain a little of what we are talking so proud of, We hope we have succeeded with that.
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